WTF Are Cold Blooded Creepz?

So, you’ve been Googling, YouTubing and Tweeting away trying to find “the next big NFT project” and you keep stumbling across these $loomi lucrative luminous lizards (try saying that 5 times in a row) called Cold Blooded Creepz, but WTF are they?

Callum's Genesis Creepz

In brief and in alliance with, "Creepz are the coolest bad guys in the galaxy" and essentially your Genesis $loomi yielder. Great, but WTF is $loomi? Well, I am glad you asked my young padawan, $loomi is the in-game token yielded by staking your Creepz and allowing you to mint future NFT drops and experiences such as the upcoming Creepz x Loveless City NFT below. You will also be able withdraw $loomi to an ERC-20, but at a hefty 25% tax.

Creepz X Loveless City NFT Collaboration

Ok, but the game is already in full throttle, how am I supposed to catch up? Well as a direct descendant of the Overlord himself… WT… Sorry you’re all out of WTF's. As I was saying, it is my duty to bring you up to speed and help you prepare for the highly anticipated Season 2, which is set to be even more spectacular than Season 1 and boy was Season 1 epic!

3 Creepz Collections in The Top 10!

Lightspeed overview:

1. Invasion Pass - Early adopters were able to mint/purchase an Invasion Pass allowing them to mint a Creepz Genesis, the Invasion Pass was not burnt in the minting process and will be used later in Season 2 to generate a 3D rendering of your Creepz. You can thank the artistic legend that is Psychrome for this. Should you eish to join the invasion, you can pick up a Creepz Genesis here, Creepz Genesis will always be the most valuable asset in this one of a kind NFT experience.

2. Invasion Grounds - Creepz are staked in the Invasion Grounds (see map below) to yield $loomi, the quantity of $loomi yielded is determined by the colour of your Creepz with a minimum of 1500 daily yield for a green skinned Creep, as depicted by the table below.

Invasion Grounds Map

$loomi Yield as per Creepz Colour

3. Creepz Reptile Armoury - Yielded $loomi was used to mint 20,000 Reptile Armoury which yield an additional 600 $loomi per day. When you consider 3 Retile Armoury's will yield the equivalent $loomi as a yellow Genesis Creepz, this is a great way to increase your $loomi yield for the fraction of a cost of a yellow Genesis Creepz. You were able to purchase additional Reptile Armoury NFTs here, but please note you can only stake your Reptile Armoury if you have a Genesis Creepz staked.

4. Creeps Shapeshifterz - Yielded $loomi was also used to mint 20,000 Shapeshifterz, think Pokemon trading cards where you really do gotta catch em all or at least 5 of the same celebrity, allowing you to mutate a Creepz Mega Shapeshifter. Due to the deflationary burning mechanism, the 20,000 Shapeshifterz were reduced to a maximum of 4,000 Mega Shapeshifterz, each earning a percentage of all bribes paid to the Overlord and further increasing your daily $loomi yield. You can enhance your army by purchasinf Shapeshifterz here or swapping amongst players in Discord; alternatively, you can purchase a pre-mutated Mega Shapeshifterz here.

5. Creepz Loomi Vault - The final $loomi earning piece of the puzzle was the Loomi Vault. This exclusive 5,000 collection was the last ETH purchase (not minted) and pays out daily dynamic dividends determined by the amount of $loomi exiting the ecosystem. If you want a piece of the Overlords inter-galactic invasion funds, you can purchase a Creepz Loomi Vault here.

There you have it, you’re all caught up on Creepz season 1, so what now? Well, you have 1 of 2 options and believe me, when you see what's up for grabs you are going to want to get involved!

Option 1 - Take advantage of the current Creepz sale on OpenSea here and snag yourself a Creepz Genesis (2.9 ETH floor at time of writing AKA an absolute bargain) and subsequent $loomi yielding NFTs as per above.

Option 2 - Buy some $loomi (currently <$0.02) here on Uni-Swap and spin the Mystery Box! Each week for the next 3 weeks you have the opportunity to spin the Mystery Box consuming 2000 $loomi for a 1 in 10 chance of rolling a Shard, you need to collect 1 Shard each week to open the Dimensional Portal so you can build and mint your very own Inter-Dimensional Lizard. These $loomi looting lizards’ rarity will be determined by both Shards and Points accumulated, allowing players to participate in a first of it's kind in-game NFT designing experience!

Mystery Box

Points are accrued when spinning the Mystery Box and give you a shot at extraordinary bonus prizes as shown in the table below, just keep your lizard hands away from that Creepz wrapped Harley as it has my name all over it! Naturally, small holders like myself with a single Creepz Genesis, Mega and Vault can’t compete with the likes of Creepztopia and Izadi, two legendary whales and pillars of the Creepz community that yield hundreds of thousands of $loomi each day with their magnificent lizard armies. Do not fear my scaly skinned degen, for our legendary founders DOM3 and Sharkbait have created a fair and fruitful lounge system giving everyone the opportunity to win awesome prizes just by spinning the Mystery Box each day.

Creepz Epic Leaderboard Prizes

If like me you are overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of the Overlords masterplan don't panic, it's the comprehensive gameplay and multiple moving parts that make this such an awesome project to be involved in. Therefore, I simply encourage you to simply join the discord community here and simply ask any Creepz to bring you up to speed and I promise you will be made to feel like ONE OF US! Creepz is far more than an NFT, it’s a way of life and a Bluechip in the making! I genuinely feel privileged to be a part of this marvellous and mysterious experience and I can not wait to see what is coming next.

Oh and I almost forgot... DON'T SLEEP ON CREEPZ.