This NFT Uses AI To Mimic Market Volatility Via Virtual Companies

BlueWorld breaks the mould with its dynamically changing NFT and commission free marketplace set to rival that of OpenSea. According to BlueWorld CEO George Blue, "In late October 2021 we discovered that we could create hyperrealistic algorithms to mimic volatility and movements of markets" giving birth to virtual companies. With each virtual company housing in excess of 80 data points (market-cap, founder, industry etc.), these ultra interactive NFTs allow owners to become the CEO of their very own virtual company. Naturally, entrepreneurs envisioned the projects potential and minted straight off the bat, securing a continuously evolving company ranging from Seed to Zetta. For the first time in NFT history, you can evolve your NFT through tactical influence, without the need of burning another NFT.

Blue told BitGoss: "Any owner of a BlueWorld NFT can now buy and sell directly through our marketplace for 0% commission and $20 gas. We needed this for our second act, Bluepoints... Bluepoints is our in game currency used to trade these virtual companies. Think Robinhood but with BluePoints instead of $."

CEO's earn BluePoints in relation to their companies market-cap which are exchanged for future NFT mints and upgrading your virtual companies attributes. CEO's will be able to influence their companies growth by investing BluePoints into attributes of choice, with every successful investment increasing market-cap and future BluePoint reflections. However, with every 30-minutes in real time equating to 24-hours in BlueWorld, the saying "what goes up, must come down" has never rang more true. CEO's can go to bed with a Giant and regress to a Public and vice versa, progress from a Seed to a Series A, forever keeping holders on their toes.

With OpenSea under continuous scrutiny from the community in relation to its 2.5% commission fee, unpredictable gas fees and regular outages, I don't think it will be long before we see mass adoption on an alternate marketplace like BlueWorld. George Blue's passion is certainly infectious, alongside his longterm vision for the future reassuring investors of the projects longevity. Upon the release of BluePoints in the coming days, I look forward to interacting with my Aerospace Seed and ambitiously aid its growth into a lucrative Zetta.


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