This iOS And Android Crypto Play To Earn RPG Will Revolutionize NFT Tokenomics Like Never Before

As we all know, the NFT space moves at lightning speed making due diligence difficult when deciphering potential projects, yet once in a blue moon you stumble across a project that ticks all the right boxes; breathtaking artwork, revolutionary tokenomics, deflationary NFTs and a seamless in-game marketplace, all encompassed within a nostalgic fantasy RPG where tokens are earned and exchanged for rewards.

1 of 10 Legendary Genesis Land

Antebellum breaks the mould when it comes to P2E gameplay; forget Wolf Game derivatives, Antebellum is the game you always wanted to play, the love child of Pokémon, RuneScape and World of Warcraft that delivers on all aspects game mechanics, thus catering to all types of players:

  • The Investor: If you are not a gamer and just want to earn $VALS token passively, you can. You can simply stake your Genesis Land and open the game periodically to claim your rewards and tokens.

  • The Collector: They are not interested in being the strongest but would rather collect all 150 genesis Valerians and legendaries.

  • The Battler: Their goal is to complete quests, clear dungeons, battle it out in the PVP arena for the number one ranked spot, win weekly tournaments for prizes and ultimately build the most powerful team.

The initial collection comprises 10,000 Genesis Land NFTs, varying in elemental type (fire, water, grass, electric and rock) and rarity:

Upon staking Genesis Land, players accrue bi-weekly profit in the form of $VALS which can be used to craft items, level up and evolve Valerians, as well as summoning Valerians themselves. The rarity of land will determine how many Valerians are summoned each week and the chance of obtaining a rare Valerian, including legendaries and ultra illusive shiny Valerians. Better yet, $VALS are not only an ERC-20 allowing conversion to Ethereum, they are also stored on Immutable-X (layer 2) allowing for gas-free gaming.

Although you won't require Genesis Land to play the game, as a Genesis Land owner you will receive 100% of all in-game profits generated as profit distribution, providing of course that your land is staked. It's also worth noting that land rarity doesn't equate to increased profit distribution.

Players will only be able to summon Valerians that are the same element as the land staked. Legendary lands will be able to summon Valerians of any element, further increasing desirability and of course their intrinsic value.

Valerians are your frontline warriors that you will strategically summon into 3v3 battles, not only prioritising elemental strengths over opponents, but also classes which include: Warrior, Mage, Healer and Tank. Don't quote me on this, but I assume levels will most likely increase baseline stats such as HP, strength and defence, whereas class will likely increase damage, health regeneration and damage reduction. This is where deflationary NFTs come into play as you'll need to burn 3 of the same level and type of Valerian to progress in the game, naturally creating a self sufficient ecosystem.

Game mechanics don't cease with Genesis Land and both levelling and evolving Valerians, you also need to consider which faction to choose upon beginning the game; the only questions that remains is will you choose to be a Hero or Conquerer? Synergy between your faction and Valerians will be imperative to your success and I suggest you choose wisely when both equipping your character with supporting items and making manipulative moves. The most exciting aspect of Antebellum to me is both the comprehensive roadmap and white-paper paper which you can read here, as well as the extremely experienced and fully doxed team.

Not only does this scream legitimacy, it also reassures me as a potential investor of longterm gameplay which is essential for community growth and expansion. With countless game mechanics requiring strategic gameplay, risk and reward, as well as flawless artwork, Antebellum is without a doubt a project with enormous potential.