The Ape Evolution

Updated: Jan 5

When it comes to Ape based NFT’s, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is always going to be the OG. Countless copycat chimps have since minted and failed, naturally inferior to their predecessors it has only increased the value of the dominant BAYC species.

However, through natural minting selection it was inevitable a challenger would arise, with enhanced 3D traits, 8K resolution and striking fashion, not to mention an unparalleled community exceeding 250,000 strong, Darwin’s theory of evolution has given birth to HapeBeast.

With an initial drop of 8,192 randomly generated NFTs, this unique and sought after collection is set to disrupt the status quo and revolutionise the NFT market in 2022 and no doubt for years to come. One lucky person will have the opportunity to mint a one of a kind genesis Santa Hape in a charity auction on December 25th, ahead of their whitelist release in January.

You heard correct, HapeBeasts are only available to whitelist holders and at just 0.2 ETH each + gas ($843 at time of writing), a priceless investment if you ask me. So, how do you secure yourself a whitelist spot? Well given the ferociously growing community and desirable demand, it’s not going to be easy, many whitelist spots have already been distributed and holders eagerly await the opportunity to strut the Hape runway to fame. That being said, with a will there is a way!

My advice is to firstly follow HapeBeast on Twitter, Secondly join their Discord, Thirdly get involved in absolutely everything (it’s all about community) and finally, say a little prayer to the HapeBeast gods. Failing to obtain an elusive whitelist spot, I suggest heading over to OpenSea and buying from the floor as early as possible, this isn’t financial advice but merely my personal game plan.

It’s needless to say that HapeBeast has enormous potential, especially when you look a little deeper into the project team, many of whom are holders of BAYC NFTs and when you combine the teams individual knowledge, experience and time spent within this space, it’s clear to see why the community is so Haped about this project.

Digimental”, founder of HAPEBEAST, Digimental Studio and Lead Digital Artist on the project, perhaps better recognised by his albino tatted Hape has spent countless hours illustrating, revising and perfecting his evolutionary artwork ready for launch on his birthday - 19th January 2022. I have no doubt it will be a day full of celebrations and I pray for the communities sake both a smooth mint and for OpenSea to hold up against what is set to be an unprecedented secondary market free for all.

If there’s one thing we can takeaway from the HapeBeast project, even more so during this festive period, it’s the importance of community. The people, as in you and I have made the NFT space what it is today, a community of likeminded individuals thriving off each others successes and learning from failures.

We all know projects come and go, but when a project invests in the people with meaningful interaction and remains transparent throughout their roadmap, the project will succeed because the people won’t let it fail. HapeBeast has everything on it’s side for a successful mint from stunning artwork to a powerful vision and of course, the peoples vote of support, I am excited to see what boundaries HapeBeast can cross and am ready to witness history in the making.


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