Stack $SERUM And Bid On Bluechip NFTs With This Pixel Play-To-Earn NFT Project

Updated: Apr 22

P2E is all the rage right now with projects popping up here, there and everywhere, all competing to create the next best gaming experience; however, sometimes simplicity succeeds over technological innovation and in the case of The Lab Game, this seems to be the verdict. It's retro artwork, nostalgic lore and robust roadmap paves the way for earning holder rewards, building on what went well from predecessors projects such a Wolf Game and ingeniously innovating to create increased longterm value for investors.

The Mad Man: "Hey you! You shouldn't be in here!"

As a test subject survivor myself having miraculously escaped The Mad Man and his imprisoned Mutants, I managed to steal a copy of his beloved Blueprint that I must disclose to the scientific community; however, before I risk life and limb sharing this top secret information, I need you to prove your loyalty by following The Lab Game on Twitter and joining the Discord here to help me spread the word about The Mad Man's manic plans. For those of you who share my story and post proof in Discord, you will have the chance to earn an exclusive WL spot and help me bring The Mad Man to justice!

The Mad Man's beloved Blueprint and the key to the Auction-House

Are you ready? Okay. Listen closely. To my scientific community, It's with great sorrow that I announce that Dr. Albert Griffinstein has surpassed the point of no return, driven irreversibly mad by his latest discovery. Following endless experiments on his own Scientists, The Mad Man has managed to manufacture a synthetic substance known as $SERUM; this ERC-20 has mutagenic properties allowing him to transform Scientists into Mutants and following further experimentation, transfuse their contaminated blood into untapped stores of $SERUM.

With 5000 Scientists employed at The Lab Game, I fear many more mutants will arise, yielding more and more $SERUM and growing stronger with every passing day. Should they ever escape their restraints and overthrow The Mad Man, the world would succumb to mass hysteria. Upon minting there is a 90% chance of minting a Gen-0 Scientist that will yield 1000 $SERUM per day and a 10% chance of minting a Gen-0 Mutant that will yield (TBC) $SERUM per day. This preciously potent $SERUM can be used to upgrade your Gen-0 to Gen-1, burning your Gen-0 in the process and securing you increased $SERUM yield.

Mutant: "I serve only The Mad Man... For now..."

For every Gen-3 Scientist owned you will be eligible to claim a Blueprint every 2 days, varying in rarity (common, uncommon, rare, and legendary) and requiring $SERUM to be burnt to gain a Laboratory airdrop.

  • Common Blueprint will require 50,000 $SERUM to be burnt.

  • Uncommon Blueprint will require 75,000 $SERUM to be burnt.

  • Rare Blueprint will require 100,000 $SERUM to be burnt.

  • Legendary Blueprint will require 150,000 $SERUM to be burnt.

  • Once 5,000 Blueprints have been minted, you will no longer be able to mint a Blueprint.

Fellow Scientists, this is likely the most important information I am going to share with you, Laboratories will grant you access to the Auction-House, as well as include more undisclosed ways to further your research in the Lab. The rarity of your Blueprint will be engraved in the properties of your Laboratory and may enhance the rewards you reap. Upon acquiring a Laboratory you simply need to stack your $SERUM and head over to The Lab Game website to bid on both small and large scale, “bluechip” NFT projects. You'll also be able to spend your precious $SERUM at The Lab Mart for both virtual and real life accessories, including but not limited to: Lab Game merchandise, whitelist opportunities and confectionary.

What will you mint?

One last thing, I came across several mysterious boxes during my time in the lab, they oozed with $SERUM and were covered in foreign etchings. I do recall The Mad Man yelling "get away from my Serum Strong Boxes" to several scientists, but still to this day I have no idea what treasure they may contain. I am yet to decipher the foreign etchings and no doubt the letters may now be somewhat scrambled, my memory hasn't been the same since my ordeal, but I have listed what I do recall below should they make any sense to you:

  • Preecz

  • Jauik Zingk

  • Rakufarku

Don't threat should you fail to decode the above, the contents of The Mad Man's Serum Strong Boxes will be visible for all to see in a publicly disclosed wallet upon roadmap fulfilment. For those rewards that aren't virtual, let's just say to keep your sun cream and driving license handy! With the mint date just around the corner (May 1st) and an affordable buy in at 0.06 ETH, now is the time to secure your whitelist spot by engaging with The Lab Game on Twitter and in the Discord community. As always, please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you may have or Tweet me @CallumMelly.

I hope you're as excited about The Lab Game NFT as I am, by no means is this financial advice, I am NOT a financial advisor and I strongly encourage you to DYOR. Please also note I am supporting the project from a marketing standpoint; however, I will also be minting on May 1st. Happy minting!