Forget Flipping, Start Staking. This NFT Aims To Rapidly Reward Holders From The Get-Go!

Dreadfulz is here to rebel against the status quo, moving with conviction to shift mindsets away from the current culture of quick flips by prioritising holder rewards from the get-go. We've all been there or perhaps you're new to NFTs and yet to experience the above, it's ferociously frustrating especially when emotions come in to play and people start tarnishing a project with RUG allegations, but do not fear as this is few and far between.

When asked about the thought process behind Dreadfulz unique approach to unleashing utility upon mint, Dreadfuls told BitGoss - "NFTs have been overrun by a highly volatile flipping/gambling culture. It’s common to see newly minted projects fall below their initial mint price almost immediately. By implementing staking utility from day 1 and with a refreshing take on distributing ownership, governance, and utility — we aim to catalyse a supply shock to drive even more value to our core community.

No cuteness here, just pure 3D terror

Upon minting and prior to reveal, holders will be able to stake their Dreadfulz NFT and immediately begin earning the in game token, $DREAD. Tokenomics has been the projects forefront focus, with Scarcity, Deflation and Multi-Utility making up The Unholy Trinity and promoting a self-sufficient ecosystem for holders to reap rewards. An overview of $DREAD distribution can be seen below:

$DREAD = Vault Ownership (6.9% of primary mint)

$DREAD = DAO Governance (25% of secondary sale royalties)

$DREAD = Eco-system Activations (Legendaries, WL Marketplace, MV Claim, Elixir, etc.)

The Unholy Trinity Tokenomics Overview

Dreadfulz reverts the norm in everything they do, from their tongue-in-check take on villainy, greed and evil as illustrated by their juxtaposing artwork, to a token that will be fully distributed within 180 days to maximise holders ROI. Dreadfulz depicts an underlying connotation that it's good to be different, ironically epitomised through evil artwork that challenges societies expectations. Ok, maybe I'm delving a little too far down the rabbit hole, but that's why we're all here, we're all degens at heart and I know for one I'm proud to be different, just like this little fella below.

No cute animals here, just pure 2D evil

As previously mentioned, $DREAD will fully distribute to stakers within 180 days and I know what you're thinking, how can Dreadfulz safeguard longterm gameplay when the token runs out? That's a great question! Yes, $DREAD is the genesis Dreadfulz token; however, ecosystem expansion is certainly on the cards with the potential to introduce another utility token with more "traditional" tokenomics such as a larger supply, liquidity pool, and longer distribution timeframe, later down the line. For now, Dreadfulz primary focus is to reward holders, seamlessly allowing me to introduce utility activations and burning $DREAD.

  1. Legendary Auctions: Of the 20 Legendary Dreadfulz, 10 Legendary 1/1 Dreadfulz will be auctioned and can only be purchased with $DREAD

  2. Dreadz Shop: WL allocations, Physicals, Alpha passes, Tool subscriptions, you name it

  3. MV Claim: Claim your Full-Body 3D Model for plug and play into compatible metaverses.

  4. The Elixir: The Elixir (Gen 2) can only be minted with $DREAD and will likely be scarcer due to the aforementioned.

As $DREAD is deflationary, once a transaction is completed, e.g. purchasing a legendary or minting an elixir, that $DREAD is burned from the supply forever along with the % of Vault Ownership + DAO Governance that is correlated. Naturally, holders must overcome the dilemma of spending or stacking $DREAD, opting for exclusive 1/1 legendaries and access to Gen-2 or increased ownership of the Vault and DAO. For clarity, If 30% of all $DREAD has been burned from legendary purchases, minting elixirs, and other utility activations, the remaining 70% of $DREAD holders now technically own 100% of the Vault + DAO governance.

As with all P2E games, it's fun to venture into the unknown where both thinking on your feet and strategical gameplay are imperative to your success! If you want to learn more about Dreadfulz NFT such as how to get whitelisted (Dreadzlist), the WL and public mint price, the mint date and of course, some more artwork sneak peaks, I recommend heading over to my YouTube channel here to watch a more comprehensive overview. I hope you're as excited about Dreafulz NFT as I am, by no means is this financial advice, I am NOT a financial advisor and I strongly encourage you to DYOR, but to me this is looking like an awesome project with a strong team, community and concept behind them. I am looking forward to minting!