Fist Fight For $Blood With This Yakuza Themed Play-To-Earn NFT

The older I get, the more appreciative I become of my upbringing, especially when something evokes fond childhood memories that riddle me in euphoria and even if only for a moment, I'm able to rekindle my childish ways, much to my fiancees delight. When I first discovered The Underground NFT I was overwhelmed with nostalgia from my button bashing SEGA Mega Drive days, fighting to be told "You are now the strongest Street Fighter in the world" by final boss, Sagat, was a proud title I would quote to school mates. If like me you were born in the 80's or 90's, you also might remember shouting "Finish Him", before reenacting a Mortal Kombat special attack in the playground or perhaps that was just me?

Naturally, as technology advanced so did gaming and as much as I loved annihilating my uni mates at Tekken and Mortal Kombat, I quickly outskilled button sequencing gameplay and sought more strategy focused PVP games like World of Warcraft and RuneScape. It wasn’t long before I started generating an income from trading the in game currencies which is how I first came across crypto back in 2010. As we know, blockchain and cryptocurrency paved the way for NFTs and as both utility and tokenomics developed, P2E (Play-To-Earn) NFTs have become an integral part of the WEB3 community.

What excites me most about Play-To-Earn NFTs is the ability to not only benefit from the intrinsic value of your NFT increasing, but also the utility to mint additional NFTs and exchange the in game token for crypto, providing it is an ERC-20. We have already seen great success within the space from the likes of Wolf Game and Wizards and Dragons; however, with little strategy involved other than purely staking, project longevity is often futile. This is what excited me most about The Underground NFT, innovative mechanics that challenge players to find the best strategy to outwit opponents, rewarding regular gameplay, amazing anime artwork and last but not least, zero gas fees on the Avalanche (AVAX) network. Often, investors are put off of by Play-To-Earn NFTs due to the hefty gas fees associated with both staking and claiming; however, The Underground have prioritised holder experience and want to introduce players to AVAX pioneering and exciting platform.

When it comes to player experience, The Undergrounds unparalleled gameplay by which Fighters and Yakuza battle for $BLOOD is set to entice a broad spectrum of investors, further enhancing the already powerful pre-mint Discord community and allowing for increased strategic variability. With $BLOOD allowing players to mint Gen-1 NFTs and upgrade former fighters, individual $BLOOD yield increases with every additional Fighter owned, as well as each level increasing yield by 1000 daily $BLOOD from it’s generic 500 daily yield. This is where strategy really comes in to play, as Fighters will require more and more $BLOOD to upgrade with each level earned, but will level down after 7 days if not upgraded, never has it been more important to manage your incoming and outgoing supply of $BLOOD. Savvy staking will allow players to accumulate 1 million $BLOOD and unlock the most prestige reward, $GOLD.

Further to the above, The Underground have also built their fighting mechanics from scratch, significantly reducing the likelihood of gameplay being exploited, as well as utilising upgradeable contracts for rapid response in the unlikely event of a breach. Talking about breaches, there is a 90% chance of minting a Fighter and 10% chance of minting a Yakuza, although Gen-0 mints cannot be stolen by a Yakuza, there is a 10% chance of a Yakuza breaching your clan and stealing a Gen-1 mint. Not only can Yakuza steal Gen-1 mints and fight in the arena, they earn 20% of $BLOOD claimed by staked fighters and they earn $BLOOD from 50% of fighters who unstake. Yakuza also collect 100% of $BLOOD earned from both claiming and unstaking, as opposed to Fighters who pay 20% protection fee to the Yakuza to claim and risk a 50% chance of $BLOOD being stolen by the Yakuza upon unstaking.

Just like when I’m eating, I of course saved the best for last, tokenomics! I have lost count of how many initially successful games have failed due to unsustainable P2E economies, where supply surpasses deflation and therefore, the economy crumbles. The Underground have carefully considered how $BLOOD is accumulated and how it is spent in order to create a self-sustaining economy.

They will also be allowing the community to vote on increased deflationary mechanisms such as the “Fight to the Death”, a winner takes all outcome, where the losers NFT is won and unclaimed $BLOOD is lost. High risk, but high reward. With a multitude of strategies to increase both internal and external earnings, spectacular artwork and a DOX project lead, The Underground has the potential to become a Bluechip Play-To-Earn NFT.