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We are amidst a digital transformation. Rapid advancements in blockchain technology and increased willingness to both accept and adopt digital commodities is revolutionising peer to peer interaction. If you have made it this far you're likely more than aware of the above and it's our mission to share projects, news and trends in the Crytpo and NFT space.

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A little more about our founder and editor Callum Melly. Having graduated in 2010 with a BA Hons in Journalism, Callum was quick to combine his natural talent for writing and passion for health and wellbeing to secure countless features for the likes of Men's Fitness and Men's Health, as well as the bold title of Health and Fitness contributor at FORBES. Following over a decade in the wellbeing sector, Callum now channels his love for writing and fascination with digital assets into BitGoss.

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These words of wisdom don't write themselves and as the sole editor/contributor of BitGoss any support I can get is greatly appreciated. Should you find yourself benefiting from our posts and you're feeling generous, please feel free to leave a donation via the link on the right. No matter how big or small, your donations really do go a long way! Thank you for all your support - Callum Melly.

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